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Financial Planning

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We are associated wtih Acquira Wealth Partners and GPS Wealth and can provide you with all of your Financial Planning Solutions.

Self Managed Funds and Superannuation Planning

Acquira Wealth Partners can assist in the setup of a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund ensuring that the relevant deeds are created depending on your requirements. They can also assist with borrowing through your superfund through a Bare Trust and ensure that your fund is set up to meet your needs.

Come and discuss what investment options you have available andfind the right choices to suit your goals.

Financial Planning email: finplan@colinwoodward.com.au

Retirement Planning Strategies

A goal that everyone should pursue is to be financially free. There are many strategies that will help you achieve this goal and often a combination of financial planning strategies, along with good legal and tax advice will be the key.

Investment and Tax Planning

The role of planning is to help you understand your current position, define your goals – or where you want to be and set out the action steps to get there. It provides a clear focus for the many decisions that will need to be made.

Strategy is simply doing things smartly. Simple things like considering who should own an investment; individually, jointly, company, trusts or superannuation can make a big difference, not only during the investment but importantly when you come to sell. More complex issues like gearing, using superannuation smartly and other strategies can save you (and your estate) significant amounts of tax and help build your wealth to achieve your goals.

It is important when developing a taxation strategy not to get caught up with doing something simply for a “tax deduction”. There are many good investments that provide tax benefits and when these are integrated into your overall financial plan you can gain maximum benefits.

All Financial Planning advice given by Acquira Pty Ltd ACN 134 443 039 is a corporate authorised representative No 461543 of GPS Wealth Ltd ABN 17 005 482 726 AFSL 254544 and Australian Credit Licence No.254 544